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Why You Should Sell Old Jewelry Pieces To Gold And Silver Buyers

by Alfred Parker

If you have old jewelry pieces that you no longer wear, you might consider selling them to gold and silver buyers. There are many advantages to selling your old pieces that you may not have considered, and many reasons to use these types of buyers versus trying to sell the pieces individually. Consider the following.

1. Getting cash allows you to earn interest on your money

Jewelry pieces don't earn money for you while they're sitting in a drawer, but when you sell them for cash you can then put that money in a savings account and earn interest. You can also use the cash for investments or the purchase of bonds and these too can earn you money. When you sell your pieces to gold and silver buyers you're then earning money for yourself rather than simply letting those pieces gather dust.

2. You can sell several pieces at once to gold and silver buyers

When you take your old jewelry to gold and silver buyers, you can sell several pieces at once. This can make it easier on you than if you tried to sell your pieces over the internet or to private buyers. Typically private buyers only want one particular piece and aren't interested in buying your entire collection of jewelry, but a buyer will want all the pieces you have. This makes the process easier on you overall.

3. You typically get better prices from professional buyers

You may be surprised at the value of your gold and silver pieces when you take them to buyers and have them evaluated. Certain aspects of a piece may make it more valuable, for example, if the piece is antique or made by a certain jewelry designer. A buyer will appreciate these details of your jewelry and will be willing to give you a better price for those types of pieces, versus a private buyer who may assume that all jewelry pieces are the same in value.

4. You get your money instantly with a buyer

Trying to sell your jewelry pieces online can be a hassle, as you may sell them only one at a time to separate buyers. This means it can take weeks if not months to sell your pieces. In some cases you may not be able to even sell certain pieces if there are no interested buyers. However, a professional buyer will be able to give you cash on the spot for your precious metals.

Remember these advantages to working with a gold and silver buyer as they are typically the best choice for when you have jewelry pieces you no longer wear.