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Using Caution With Cash Loans

by Alfred Parker

When seeking out a loan of any size there are certain details you need to be aware of well in advance. These have to do with your own finances, income level and total debt, but they also relate to the lender you'll be working with. By understanding more about the loan process, and what to be aware of during it, you'll stand a better chance of walking away with the loan amount you were after and repayment terms you can live with.

Know Your Lender

Whether you're borrowing a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, and whether it's a cash loan or a car loan, you need to know just who it is you're borrowing money from. Lending organizations are required to be upfront with you about the terms of the loan, but these terms may not always be easy to understand. Make sure you're completely clear on exactly what the alphabet soup they're describing actually means.

Your focus when it comes to loan terms should be your total monthly payment amount, how many months you'll be paying on that loan, and how much of each payment will be applied to the interest. These details will tell you precisely what to expect, and whether or not you're getting a good deal. Work with loan companies who apply progressively increasing amounts of each payment to the amount you borrowed, rather than those that only offer flat interest payments.

Know Your Finances

The easiest way to make sure you're denied a loan is to ask for more than you can reasonably repay. Make sure you know how much surplus income you have to devote to the loan payments you'll end up with, and whether or not the loss of that surplus will affect other accounts your household relies on. Avoid cash loans that require repayment terms greater than 12 months for every thousand dollars you borrow.

If the lender you're working with isn't willing to offer you the amount you want, feel free to walk away rather than accept a loan that is lower than what you need. Likewise, if they offer you far more than you need it's also time to end the discussion. Loan meetings that result in the representative making you a "deal" are rarely as good as they initially seem, so avoid longer repayment terms or higher interest rates just to secure the money you're after.

With the passage of the Consumer Protection Act, few lenders are willing to risk the legal action that comes with shady lending practices. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take responsibility and learn all you can about the organization, the loan terms, and your own ability to repay that loan well ahead of any discussion with a lending representative, such as Koster's Cash Loans.