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5 Ways Your Bookkeeping Service Can Actually Save You Money

by Alfred Parker

Some small business owners find it difficult to justify the expense of a bookkeeping service -- but bookkeeping services can usually save you a significant amount of money over time. Here are just a few ways that you might find your revenue picture significantly improved by bookkeepers.

1. Reducing Your Bank Fees and Increasing Your Interest

Many small business owners find it very difficult to manage their checking accounts, especially if they run a business that involves many transactions a day. A bookkeeping service will balance your business's checkbook to ensure that insufficient funds fees are not charged and that the bank account is never overdrafted. By keeping the checkbook balanced, the bookkeeping service will also know exactly how much to put in your savings account, thereby increasing the amount of interest paid out.

2. Planning Ahead for Your Taxes

Taxes can be a significant burden. Not only can a bookkeeping service estimate your taxes so that you're not blindsided, they can also help you make decisions that will reduce your tax burden overall. 

3. Finding You More Affordable Services

Most bookkeeping services will take the time to find you more affordable finance-related services. As an example, they can find you better insurance rates and banks that pay more in interest. Not every bookkeeping service offers this, but most do; make sure to check beforehand!

4. Identifying Areas of Overspending

You can't reduce your expenses without knowing them. Bookkeeping services will give you a complete picture of where you are spending your money. Further, they will be able to show you where you are spending more than you should be. All of this will be based on your industry and based on your prior history. 

5. Helping You Procure Better Loans

Most small business owners will need a loan at some point or another. You can procure better loans by having more detailed financial statements, which a bookkeeping service can provide. Usually, at the very least, you will need a full profit and loss sheet in addition to a balance sheet. Otherwise, you may be relegated to more expensive, high-risk loans. 

If you're interested in what a bookkeeping service can do for you, contact a local and reputable bookkeeping company like Samuel B Moses and ask for an overview of their services. For the most part, a bookkeeping service will usually help you manage your money better and improve your revenue picture.