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Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Bail Bondsman

by Alfred Parker

When you know that someone you care about is in jail, it's common for one of the main things for you to be concerned about is to get your loved one out as soon as you can. You might not be able to do this on your own because of a lack of funds, a lack of understanding of the process, or a combination of both. Luckily, you can get this help from a bail bondsman. You might be ready to hire a bail bondsman, but you might not be sure of how to tell whether or not you are working with the right person. These are a few of the top things that you may want to look for.

Make Sure They Service the Area

Some bail bondsmen only work in the county that they operate their office out of, while others work in multiple counties. Make sure that you call someone who services the area where your loved one is currently incarcerated. If possible, you may want to find someone who has an office that is really close to the jail since this might help you with getting your loved one out of jail more quickly. If you find a bail bondsman who works in another town but who services your area, you might have to wait a little bit longer for them to get to the jail.

Be Sure They're Properly Licensed

In most places, bail bondsmen are required to be properly licensed or certified by the state. Even if this is not required in your area, you will probably want to find someone who has gone through the right classes, taken the right steps to get licensed, and gotten insured. Therefore, this is something that you may want to ask about before hiring the bail bondsman.

Make Sure They Handle Cases Like Your Loved One's

Some bail bondsmen don't accept certain types of cases, and some will only help if the bail bond is below a certain amount. Therefore, if your loved one is in a complicated legal situation or if their bond is really high, then you might have to contact a few different bail bondsmen before you can find someone who will help them get out of jail.

Ask About Their Fees

Ask about the percentage of the bond amount that the bail bondsman charges when getting someone out of jail. You may also want to ask about whether they will accept trades or collateral, particularly if your family is having a hard time coming up with all of the necessary money to get your loved one out of jail.